Exchange Club of Fontana

Exchange Club of Fontana

Exchange Club of Fontana is thankful for the community.  Original article found at Fontana Herald News article.

Dear Editor:

(This letter was addressed to the Fontana community.)

Thank you so much for the support from our city officials, City of Fontana Community Service Department, Fontana Chamber of Commerce, businesses, bands and dancers from the Inland Empire who were involved in the Fontana Christmas Parade.

Classic cars, low riders, dancing horses, Fire and Police Department vehicles were just some of the 84 entries in this year’s parade.

Families lined the streets of the new route, with many families able to enjoy the Christmas Parade in the comfort of their own front yards.

An estimated 3,000-5,000 viewed the parade and there were 84 parade entries with 1,029 participants.

This year’s parade was dedicated to Donald (posthumously) and Tonia Lewis, long time Exchange Club leaders in the parade planning, coordination and execution in addition to other projects over the years. Donald (posthumously) and Tonia Lewis recently received the Inaugural Book of Golden Deeds Award for their service to our community.

I would like to recognize and thank our Parade Leadership Team — Bonnie Edmiston, Pamela Anderson, Jesse Armendarez, Sonja Dawkins, Bertina Kalberg, Kathy Hayes, Melba Rey, Levi Pina, Charles Jackson, Natalie DelToro, Brock Champion, Carlos and Maggie Gonzalez — that faced challenges and adjusted as we grieved and prayed for our members who suffered sickness loss and those who stepped in and helped out to “make it happen.”

The Exchange Club of Fontana, which was founded March 23, 1953 as a member of the National Exchange Club which was established in 1911, meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at noon.

Finally, we would like to thank the Fontana Herald and KFON for sharing our events with the community.

For more information on how you can volunteer with the Exchange Club of Fontana, email: or go to

R. Dale Evans, Sr., president

Exchange Club of Fontana

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